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3 Tips for Preparing Your Children for the Arrival of a New Baby

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

You’re excited to hear the pitter-patter of little feet once again. However, you’re not quite sure how your other babies will handle the news.

With a bit of planning, though, you can prepare siblings for a new baby so that everyone’s thrilled when your youngest son or daughter arrives. Here are our three best tips for ensuring everyone understands and is excited for what’s to come.

1. Talk About It

You can only hide a pregnant belly for so long and, for someone who has already been a mum, the tummy tends to appear sooner. So, your best bet is to talk about what’s to come as soon as it’s obvious that your body has started to change.

To make the arrival of a sibling easier to understand, show your child photos of an ultrasound so they can see their new sibling. You might also pick up some books about becoming a big brother or sister.

Once your child starts to understand that they’re having a brother or sister, you can talk about the future. What activities will they get to do with their new sibling?

Discussing this now can build excitement for the baby’s arrival, rather than trepidation. Plus, knowing they’ll still be included will make them feel at ease, too.

2. Bring Them with You

Your little one might benefit from attending your baby-related appointments with you. Firstly, the midwife will probably have books about babies that your child can look at or read, depending on their age.

If your child comes with you to an ultrasound scan, they will get to see and hear the baby, too. Seeing a photo or even a four-dimensional video of their brother or sister will really help them to understand and get excited to meet their new sibling.

3. Let Them Help

Finally, regardless of your child’s age, they will love to help you put together your must-haves for the new baby. You probably already have many of the supplies required for a newborn. As you shop for the last bits and bobs, bring along your child so they can help you pick out what you need.

Your child can also help you set up the new baby’s room. This could be something as major as choosing the nursery’s theme, or a bit simpler of a task, such as choosing which of their baby books to put on the shelf.

Even if you don’t need baby clothes or toys, you might want to consider allowing the big brother or sister to select a special gift for their new sibling. Again, this will help build excitement for their sibling’s arrival — who doesn’t love handing over a gift?

Build Everyone’s Excitement for the New Baby

You’re in such an incredible stage in life — you’re adding a new baby to a family that you already love. With these three tips, you can ensure your little ones share your excitement.

Everyone will be happy to see your baby-to-be during an ultrasound scan, too. Click here to contact us and set up an appointment for a three- or four-dimensional look at your littlest bundle of joy.

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