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Determining Gender from an Ultrasound

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Congratulations on your pregnancy (or your partner’s!). These are exciting times, and while growing a little human can be strenuous and a little tough at times, there are milestones throughout your pregnancy that make each little ache and your un-pedicured toes totally worth it.

From around 14 weeks, it’ll be possible for you to tell the gender of your little baby by ultrasound! Generally speaking, accuracy usually comes between 18 and 22 weeks of gestation.

Being able to read your 3D scan or generic ultrasound is key to knowing: should the balloons be pink or blue? Keep reading and we’ll tell you how!

What Is a Prenatal Ultrasound?

Some expectant parents might be entering the second trimester without even having had an ultrasound yet, so the whole concept could still feel pretty foreign to you.

The test itself is non-invasive and uses sound waves to create images of the fetus that is growing inside your tummy. The test doesn’t involve radiation and poses no harm to mum or baby.

Ultrasounds are usually performed a minimum of three times throughout the pregnancy, depending on your practitioner, though, sometimes this can be more. First trimester scans fall around 12 weeks.

Around weeks 18 to 20, a sonographer will use the prenatal ultrasound to perform an anatomy scan, and more often than not, this is when you’ll get confirmation on whether it’s a beautiful boy or a gorgeous girl!

What to Look for in Your Ultrasound

An ultrasound is a perfect way for healthcare professionals to check that everything is as it should be with your fetus. They check for things like all five fingers and all five toes on each perfect hand and foot.

They use the ultrasound to determine whether the baby’s heart is doing everything it is supposed to, and they measure things like the kidneys and head size.

While they’re doing all that, you’re taking sneaky peeks at the screen above you, hoping to catch a glimpse of the surprise that awaits.

Determining Gender from an Ultrasound

There are tons of articles out there that will tell you all sorts of magical ways that you can tell what gender your baby is. Ultimately, though, there really is only one absolute surefire way to know, and that’s to take a peek between their chubby little legs!

As your ultrasound tech moves the ultrasound wand around on the belly, keep watching for a ‘bottom-side’ view of your baby’s legs.

What exactly are you looking for?

Well Mum and Dad, here’s where it can get a little tricky. If there’s no little extra between the legs, then it’s a girl. But if something is there, it’s a boy. Depending on how early you have your scan, sometimes it can seem like there’s nothing there, but boys can sneak up on you!

Baby Gender Reveals

With the use of prenatal ultrasounds, it’s never 100% guaranteed that your fetus is going to cooperate for the big reveal!

Your success rate will climb though as your weeks begin to progress, so stay patient and let your little one reveal themselves just when they feel like it.

If you’re feeling like you really can’t wait, then we have a scan with 100% correct record. Check it out here!

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