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Everything You Need to Know About Prenatal Scanning for Same-Sex Families

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

While choosing a clinic for your pregnancy needs, it is important to make sure you feel safe and secure with your choice. Out of all the various options available, it is crucial to go through the different policies clinics offer for same-sex couples. These days, most clinics are very accommodating and are open to up to 5 people joining the mum for the prenatal scans. Here is a list of things you should expect in your very first prenatal scan:

The scans performed in the first trimester of the pregnancy usually between 7 – 8 weeks are called early pregnancy scans. They are not routinely offered by the NHS and are mostly done only in the case of pregnancies that are considered high risk (might be because of age, current medical symptoms, history of miscarriage, congenital abnormalities, or pregnancy complications). These scans are useful to confirm the pregnancy due date, check the baby’s heartbeat and confirm the number of fetuses. A normal early fetal heart rate is 140 – 180 beats per minute.

same-sex pregnancy scan Bristol

These scans can detect early visible signs associated with genetic or chromosomal conditions that the fetus might have like cleft, Down’s syndrome, Patau’s syndrome and Edward’s syndrome. It can also reveal any fibroids or ovarian cysts that might pose risk of complications to the pregnancy.

The routine pregnancy scans take place within 12 weeks of the pregnancy. These scans can provide clear images of the head, face, brain, heart, stomach, bladder, arms, and legs of the baby. The gender reveal scans are performed around 15 – 22 weeks. An ultrasound creates a cross-sectional image of the baby. Similarly, parents can opt for 3D and 4D scans for a photographically precise image of their baby. The prenatal scans are administered either through the vagina (transvaginal scans) or over the abdomen (transabdominal scans) depending on the gestation of the pregnancy. Usually, a transvaginal scan is performed in the early stage of the pregnancy to get a better view of the tiny fetus. In the case of a transabdominal scan, doctors advise mums to come in with a full bladder as it helps push the uterus up which helps in getting a clearer scan. A typical ultrasound pregnancy scan lasts for up to 30 mins. The mums do not have to fast and are instructed to wear loose and comfortable clothes that make the scanning process easier. Keeping these general facts in mind can make your very first pregnancy scan informed and extremely relaxing.

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