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Imaginatal Response to News

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

BBC News has published an article raising some serious concerns about poor practice in the Private Baby Scans field, and we wanted to share our position on how we safely deliver our service, and the measures we have in place to ensure safety for all of our clients.

  1. We are a clinically-led ultrasound clinic, managed by an experienced sonographer.

  2. We only employ currently practicing sonographers who are all fully UK trained and qualified, with years of NHS working experience behind each of them.

  3. All our sonographers are HCPC registered with up-to-date evidence of Continuous Professional Development.

  4. We offer longer appointment times for each of our scans in order to allow our sonographers to have an adequate opportunity to check the baby and undertake the scan optimally.

  5. Our service has been structured to include a clear referral pathway to local hospitals in cases that any patients may require further assessments of the baby to be undertaken.

  6. We have a robust record-keeping system to securely archive forms and images for future reference. This means that we can readily trace back any paperwork and scans that were undertaken for anyone in our care, as needed.

  7. The safety of our patients is at the centre of all we do and our whole service has been designed to reflect that at every level.

  8. When we see something, we speak up.

We welcome any changes that make private baby scans safer and more informative across the industry. We believe that regulators should make sonography a protected profession by the HCPC, so that only those from an appropriate healthcare background can perform scans and that speaking up is encouraged.

We would also recommend that clinics only employ people who are in the voluntary register of sonographers to help patients confirm that the sonographer undertaking their examination is appropriately qualified.

It is important that all employers monitor and check that the staff working in their clinics are keeping up with the recommended Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to remain up to date with current best practices.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to support you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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