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It’s a Wrap! Our Favourite Baby Names of 2020

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

We are here to help you decide on the perfect baby name by reviewing the top baby names of 2020. These names will help you to draw inspiration and pique your curiosity.

Let’s take a look!

Choosing the Perfect Name

Baby names are transcendent for generations. The name you choose for your sweet baby will carry on with them throughout their entire life and beyond. Being a first-time mum, it can seem intimidating when the time comes to choose a name for your child. With that being said, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Between pregnancy scans, doctor visits, and everything else you have to manage during your pregnancy, the naming of your child should be the least stressful. Choosing your child’s name with your partner is a wholesome and bonding experience between the two of you and your new baby.

So, before you decide on a name, take some time with your partner to discuss what you are looking for in the name. We will touch more on how to do this a little later…First…Let’s check out those baby names and gather some inspiration!

Top Girls’ Names

These are 25 of the top girls’ names of 2020. Let’s take a look!

  1. Sophia

  2. Amelia

  3. Eva

  4. Charlotte

  5. Mia

  6. Isabella

  7. Autumn

  8. Ruby

  9. Esme

  10. Aria

  11. Aaliyah

  12. Olivia

  13. Riley

  14. Emma

  15. Margot

  16. Layla

  17. Camila

  18. Luna

  19. Violet

  20. Hazel

  21. Audrey

  22. Ivy

  23. Adeline

  24. Zoe

  25. Harper

These names are in no particular order; however, they do reflect many of the top girls’ names chosen in 2020. We are seeing a resurgence of classic names like Margot and Adeline and some more unique names such as Luna.

Top Boys’ Names

These are some of the top 25 boys’ names of 2020. Let’s check them out!

  1. Kaden

  2. Oliver

  3. Elijah

  4. James

  5. Declan

  6. Theodore

  7. Owen

  8. Jackson

  9. Luca

  10. Alexander

  11. Henry

  12. Mateo

  13. Wyatt

  14. Michael

  15. Miles

  16. Felix

  17. Harrison

  18. Asher

  19. Julian

  20. Oscar

  21. Hudson

  22. Benjamin

  23. Logan

  24. Jack

  25. Elias

Like the girls’ names, these are in no particular order regarding popularity. Many of the names on the boys’ list are classic such as Michael and James. Some of the same standout, such as Luca.

Gender-Neutral Names

Studies show that gender-neutral baby names are on the rise. This occurred in the 80s and 90s as well when parents were trying to level the playing field for their children in the future. The trend is currently on the rise again, so let’s take a look at some top contenders in 2020!

  1. Aubrey

  2. Avery

  3. Jude

  4. Skylar

  5. Robin

  6. River

  7. Grey

  8. Ryan

  9. Charlie

  10. Frankie

  11. Dakota

  12. Jayden

  13. Campbell

  14. Hollis

  15. Clarke

Unisex names are an excellent choice for parents who are waiting to find out the sex of their baby. These names are unique and can be applied whether you are going pink, blue, or anywhere in between!

Channeling Your Inspiration

So, now that you have some ideas popping around, it is time to channel those into inspiration for your child’s name. You should take your time and chat with your partner thoroughly regarding baby names before you jump in and commit to embroidering potential names on linens, clothing, teddy bears, etc.! It can seem challenging, but let’s take a look at some tips to make finding the perfect baby name simple and exciting!

The Trending Name

We love a hip sounding name as much as the next person; however, when it comes to naming your child, think about how their name will resonate 10 years from now. Do you picture them being taunted on the schoolyard or struggling to learn to spell/pronounce their name?

In some cases, it may make sense to opt for a more challenging or unique name; however, if you are finding yourself questioning whether or not the name is the right choice, then you may want to explore alternative options for your little one.

Family Ties

Keep in mind that you are probably not the only person in your family looking at the top baby names of 2020. These names are quite popular, so before you land on something, ask anyone in your family who is expecting if they are leaning towards any particular names.

Keeping in touch with family could help you narrow down your options if you are stuck between a few different names. For example, if someone in your family who is expecting likes the name Asher because it was their Grandfather’s name, and you like Asher, Elias, Oliver, etc., talking it over with them might help you narrow down between Elias and Oliver. With that being said, if you are both truly in love with a name…There can always be two…Just make sure to switch up the middle names!

Cultural Significance

More than 25 million people have participated in the study of their DNA and ancestry via testing kits. This rise in interest in ancestry has driven many people to reconnect with their roots and culture. Embracing cultural names is a beautiful way to pass on tradition and heritage to your child.

This is true of family names that have been passed down for generations as well. Take your time in pondering the cultural significance the name you are choosing will have.

Additionally, think about the meaning it will have to your family. When you dive a little deeper into the name you are interested in it gives the name more meaning, which will help you decide if it is the right fit for your baby.

The Classics

Classic names can seem repetitive to some. For example, Michael and Sarah are classic names that we have all heard regularly and know well. With that being said, a classic name does not have to be mundane. Names like Charlotte and Elias are great examples of classically vintage names that are easy to pronounce, simple, unique, and engaging.

Say No to Stress

Don’t feel stressed when reviewing baby names, or you will be miserable! The process should be fun and unifying for you and your partner. If you feel like you are getting burnt out on names, take a break!

Give yourself time to sit with a particular name for a week or two to see if it sticks, and if not, move on to something else. Keep in mind that you don’t have to have a name picked out by the time the baby is born. In fact, you might want to meet your baby in person before you settle on their final name.

No matter what you choose to do, just remember, relax and enjoy your pregnancy!

Things to Note

The urge to give your baby a unique name is there…Of course! We understand you want your child to stand out above the rest. With that being said, keep in mind that sometimes, not always, things like the unique spelling of an otherwise simple name can complicate spelling/and pronunciation for other people and for your child.

You should also keep nick-names in mind. Try saying your baby’s potential name aloud as much as possible to get used to the word. Then try to think of a nick-name that could be associated with your baby’s name. If it is anything less-than-desirable, you can be assured that you are not the only one that will make the nick-name connection!

Practice writing and saying the name frequently. Also, consider the flow of the baby’s name in addition to their middle and last name. Be mindful of the baby’s full name and their initials. For example, Adele Sarah Smith might not grow up to appreciate those initals!

The Top Baby Names of 2020

These are some of the top baby names of 2020. Although the year has been tough, and managing pregnancy during COVID times is challenging, to say the least, there is still hope for the future with the birth of your new baby.

So, take your time, and get to know your baby while they are still connected to you. Get a feel for your child’s personality, and in the end, you will make the right choice…After all, Mother knows best!

Whether this is your first pregnancy or fourth, we are here to give you the support you need! Our staff is committed to caring for you and your baby from the first scan until the last. Visit our page today to learn more about our services and team!

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