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Our Favourite Summer Baby Names

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

More than 600,000 babies are born each year in the United Kingdom. And you want your little one to have a name that separates them from the pack.

Perhaps the season in which they’re born can help inspire their moniker. Our favourite summer baby names will make it clear that your son or daughter was born under the sun — depending on the English weather, anyway.

Here are some nostalgic summer baby names to get your brainstorming session started.

1. August

You can name your baby after the eighth month of the year — and the last one of summer. August works for both boys and girls — you can pop an “a” on the end to make it more feminine, too. The name comes from the Roman emperor Augustus, but it gives us some strong summer vibes.

2. Beckett

Surprisingly, you won’t find this name on the list of England’s most popular monikers for boys. So, choosing Beckett means your son will have a name that feels unique. Plus, it means “a place for bees to say,” which makes us think of summer.

3. Coral

You can’t go diving off of the United Kingdom and find tropical reefs. But you still may love the name Coral for your daughter-to-be. If you foresee family beach trips in the future, then Coral could be top of the names that mean summer girl for your baby.

4. Daisy

What’s more summery than a bouquet full of bright flowers? Your baby girl may suit the name Daisy — and the moniker comes with just the right amount of summertime vibes.

5. Dylan

Dylan’s a popular choice for both baby boys and girls. And, as it turns out, the name has a bit of summer hidden within it. Dylan is the Welsh word for “sea,” and what’s more summery than a trip to the coast?

6. Isla

Mummy and daddy might love jetting off to islands for tropical holidays. The name “Isla” can pay homage to your favourite holiday spots and give your daughter a beautiful moniker. It looks and sounds like the word “island,” but it’s actually a reference to the Scottish River Isla.

7. Kai

The name Kai suits both boys and girls, and if you trace it back to its Hawaiian roots, it has a summery meaning. The short-and-sweet name means “sea” in the islands’ native language.

8. Luna

Luna has made a list of our favourite baby names before — and we still love it for little ones born this summer, too. Imagine yourself on a warm summer’s night walking home, the streets lit up with just the moonlight. That’s why Luna’s such a lovely name for a summer baby.

9. Skye

Your baby boy or girl could suit the name Skye, too. Technically, it means “sheltering,” but, to us, it’s more reminiscent of a bright, blue summertime sky.

These are Our Favourite Summer Baby Names. What’s Yours?

Perhaps one of our favourite summer baby names is one of yours, too. Or maybe this list has sparked a new idea.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which monikers give you the summer vibe that you seek. And, if you think having a sneak peek of your little one’s face could help you decide, call us today. Our 4D scans give you a clear picture of your son or daughter — and it could make it clear what their summer-inspired name will be.

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