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Our Weird and Wonderful Pregnancy Cravings

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Up to 90 percent of pregnant women will experience cravings whilst carrying their little one. So, if you’re finding yourself hungrier for specific snacks and treats, well, you’re not alone.

As you know, though, pregnancy cravings aren’t like normal cravings. You might find yourself dying to dine on something that you wouldn’t normally eat. You’re not alone in this, either.

Here are some of the weirdest cravings that mums-to-be have reported during their pregnancies.

1. Washing-Up Liquid

Sometimes, pregnant women have cravings for non-food. If you find yourself wanting to taste your washing-up liquid, detergent, or even a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda, there’s a reason for it.

Most of the time, women who crave these types of products are looking for a way to “clean” their digestive tracts. If you’re experiencing morning sickness and wanting to down some kitchen soap, that’s why. Of course, this is one strange craving to which you shouldn’t give in — stick to edible fare only for the sake of your and your baby’s health.

2. Ice Cream on Toast

Now, you’ve certainly heard that pregnant women want to eat lots of ice cream. It’s one of the top foods they crave, and it can be a sign that your body needs more calcium.

But some mums-to-be take it a step further by piling their ice cream onto another carb-heavy base. If it’s not a slice of toast, then it might be a bowl full of pasta. Either way, the ice cream seems to go very well with these and other bready bottoms.

3. An Endless Amount of Strawberries

Not all pregnancy cravings are indulgent foods. Some mums will want fruits and vegetables, too.

Let’s say you can’t stop eating crate after crate of strawberries. This fruit has a wealth of vitamin C, which will facilitate your son or daughter’s development. So, enjoy — your fruity craving is good for both of you.

4. Seaweed

On that note, you might find yourself with an insatiable appetite for seaweed. It’s a niche snack, to be fair. But you can’t stop thinking about it — or eating it as part of your pregnancy diet.

Luckily, like strawberries, seaweed has a lot to offer you health-wise. You get vitamin B12 — great news if you’re vegetarian since it’s not readily available in most plant-based fare. Seaweed also contains iodine, a vital mineral in the development of your baby’s nervous system and brain, too.

You can’t eat as much seaweed as you can other fruits and vegetables, though. You need to limit your iodine intake to 220 micrograms a day to keep you and your baby safe.

5. Toothpaste

You got a scan to confirm your pregnancy. How soon after that did you start craving toothpaste?

Most women won’t want to eat the toothpaste — they just enjoy the taste and the action of brushing their teeth. This happens because mums-to-be crave stability and a cosy home. Brushing one’s teeth ties in with that: you’ve been doing it since childhood, so it makes sense that it gives you that feeling of protection that you seek.

What Are Your Pregnancy Cravings?

We can’t list out all of the pregnancy cravings out there — every woman’s will be different, of course. But these are some of the most common of the weird ones.

As you make your way through your pregnancy — and the cravings that come with it — you can come to see us to further ensure the health of your little one. And our 4D scans give you the chance to have a very clear idea of what your baby looks like, too. Click here to contact us and set up your appointment today.

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