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Summer’s Calling! How to Keep Your Little Ones Cool

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

UK summers aren’t exactly known for their scorching temperatures. But, since this spring has been such a washout, the more optimistic among us are hoping that summer 2021 will be a hot one! And the recent weather has certainly given us enough to believe it could be!

Pre-kids, a long hot summer would have meant lots of sunbathing and beer gardens, often with unfortunate tan lines and painful sunburn to show for it. But with children comes a change in priorities, and an increased awareness of sun safety.

While summer is a great time to explore and have fun with your kids, it’s also important to keep your little ones cool. Keep reading to find out how!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Staying hydrated is important to avoid over-heating, especially for children who aren’t as efficient at regulating their body temperature.

Make sure to bring an easy-drink cup or bottle of water for each of your children and refill whenever you can. And, if your children aren’t big water drinkers, get them excited about drinking water by letting them choose a bottle in a colour they love or one featuring their favourite cartoon character.

Dress Accordingly

It’s important that your children’s summer clothes and accessories are appropriate for hot weather. That means choosing loose clothing made from soft, breathable, light-coloured fabrics and adding a soft bucket hat or cap for extra protection. It’s also wise to dress your children in t-shirts rather than vest tops as bare shoulders can easily get sunburnt.

Wetter is Better

One of the best ways to keep children cool in the summer and have lots of fun is to add water! This could mean playing with a hose in the garden, setting up a paddling pool on the patio, or playing with water pistols in the park. Or, you could always take your children to the local beach or pool. Not only is swimming a great cardio workout for new mums, but it’s also a fun way to stay cool in summer, even if you’re just splashing around!

Slow Down at Peak Heat

Summer mornings and evenings are a lot cooler than the middle of the day, making these times better suited to any outdoor adventures you have planned. For example, you could play in the garden in the early morning, head inside for lunch, then go to the beach in the late afternoon. And, if you’re pregnant and sleeping badly or have toddlers at home, a Spanish-style siesta during the hot midday hours is a great way to beat the heat!

Stick to the Shade

An easy way to keep children cool when you’re planning on being outside all day is to stay in the shade. A great way to explore the great outdoors while following sun safety rules is to head to the woods or parks with plenty of trees. Or, if you do plan on going to the beach or an outdoor pool, remember to take a parasol with you as well as plenty of sunscreen.

Keep Your Little Ones Cool This Summer

As any parent will tell you, it’s often a battle to keep your little ones cool in the summer.

But, just as prenatal scans allowed you to check that your kids were safe and healthy while they were growing inside you, following these tips will ensure that they are safe out in the big wide world too!

For more parenting advice and reassurance, from pre-conception and beyond, feel free to click here to contact us today!

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