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We’re Growing! New Clinic Announcement

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

We’re really to excited announce that Imaginatal are taking over an existing ultrasound clinic in Gloucester from the 19th February 2021. This means we will now have two clinics in the South West, with our Brislington branch in Bristol.

What does this mean?

  • Our Gloucester clinic will still be a clinically–led ultrasound clinic, managed by an experienced sonographer.

  • We’ll still have the same team of, HCPC, fully UK trained and qualified sonographers with years of NHS working experience at the clinic.

  • We’ll also still have the same management team running the clinic, providing the same excellent service existing customers have been used to over the years.

  • We will continue to offer our longer appointment times at each appointment, so you and your partner have a greater opportunity to spend time with your little one and the sonographer has an adequate opportunity to fully check the baby and undertake the scan

The new improvements to the services at the Gloucester clinic are:

  • The refreshed interior and exterior of the building

  • Teams login available for virtual guests, so you can still share those special moments with those who can’t make the appointments.

  • New on-call service for appointments at any time.

  • A full system upgrade to allow our customers to manage bookings online.

  • Gender scans are now available from 15weeks and 4 days.

As an independent baby scan clinic, we can continue to offer the fantastic service of our team, and make sure our safety standards are industry leading. Now, more than ever, that extra time we incorporate into our appointments emphasises just why many people choose to have private scans in addition to your NHS appointments, and we’re delighted to be able to offer this service to more and more people with our new clinic.

We’ll be welcoming back clients who have met their previous babies with us over the years, as well as opening our doors to all pregnant people in Gloucester and the surrounding areas. We’re so excited to be growing and can’t wait to welcome you and your little one into our new clinic and embark on the exciting journey that is pregnancy, together.

From everyone at the Imaginatal team.

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