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What Are the Benefits of Having a Private Baby Scan?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Congratulations you’ve just found out that you’re going to be a mum. You may have had your first baby scan but now the exhausting part is waiting 9 long months to see your bundle of joy in-person.

For some of us waiting that long isn’t an option and we choose to have an extra baby scan or four! There’s nothing like seeing your little one’s features displayed in 3D or 4D on a screen in your private viewing room.

What are the benefits of a private pregnancy scan? Should I have one done? We’re going to answer these questions and more for you below.

How Many Baby Scans Do You Receive in 9 Months?

When it comes to having a baby scan performed the number that a pregnant mum receives differs all across the world. However, in the UK women only receive 2 scans per pregnancy, unless considered higher risk, which would mean they need to be monitored closely.

The types of scans that are offered to mothers in the UK include one early scan. This scan takes place between weeks 11-14, and the next scan will be scheduled between weeks 18-21.

The 16-week gender scan would be the same as the second scan that expecting mums receive. Finding out the gender is exciting if you’ve not moved forward with NIPT blood tests ahead of the scan.

During the second scan is when physicians will perform an anatomical scan. This scan ensures that there are no birth defects and if there are birth defects detected, the physicians could move forward with advising mum of her options and the next steps that should be taken.

There are many reasons to look forward to these scans, including getting to see your little one move around as well as getting to hear the beautiful sound of their fluttering heartbeat. Once you’ve left the scan, you might be left longing to see and hear your baby again, and that’s when getting a private baby scan is the way to go.

Here are some of the benefits of 4D scans.

More Visitors in Your Baby Scan

Many run into when having scans like the 12-40 week well-being scan is that you might want more than one person to attend your appointment. When you’re in the hospital setting, you can’t overload the room with people because appointment rooms are only large enough to support yourself, the physician, and a support person or two.

When you opt to have a private baby scan, you can invite as many people as you would like. This is because the scan rooms tend to be much larger than the typical hospital room.

It allows you to share moments with your loved ones and find out things like gender all at once. We do recommend with COVID still going on that you ask about their office procedures in regard to appointment guests.

No Long Waits For Results

When a defect or other abnormalities have been detected during the 6-12 week early scan, it can lead you to begin worrying about what’s going on with your child and if their okay or not. After you detect abnormalities, you’re then sent to specialists to undergo a series of tests.

Once these tests have been complete, you then have to wait for the results. Another key benefit of private scans is that any testing you have done during your appointment won’t come with a long wait time.

You’re able to receive the results from your tests the same day. This can help ease any worries you have and help you get back to celebrating and enjoying your pregnancy rather than worrying.

You Don’t Need a Clinic Referral

There are several things you have to do before securing an appointment at your local healthcare clinic. But, all of that goes out the window when you’re visiting a private baby scan provider.

Instead of waiting to hear back about available appointments or needing referrals from other places, all you’ve got to do is schedule your appointment. You’ll have the opportunity to find the appointment that’s going to work the best for everyone’s schedules that you include in your private scan.

Clearer Details

When you’re having a scan performed in the hospital, you won’t usually have the option of 3D or 4D scans. But, during a private scan, you get to see more of your babies defined physical details.

Does the baby have mum’s nose? Perhaps you can make out that their ears resemble dads. All of this and more can be seen during a 3D/4D scan if the baby is choosing to cooperate with the technician while performing the scan.

With scans like these, you get to imagine further what your baby may look like once they’re born. And, as expecting mums, who doesn’t love to spend time daydreaming about how cute all those fingers and toes will be once the baby arrives?

Personal Reasons

During regular visits, physicians might cut visits short to ensure that they have time to see all the patients that visit their clinic that day. When you opt for a private scan, you are given the time to immerse yourself in everything you’re seeing.

You’re not going to be rushed in and out of your appointment. You get time to feel that emotional feeling that makes seeing your baby so special. You’re about to be a mum, and you’re carrying this beautiful human inside of you as the first person to care and nurture them.

Getting to see them on a screen makes things more of a reality than they ever could’ve been, to begin with.

Peace of Mind

Another useful benefit of having a private scan done is being able to know that your child is safe and sound nestled in your belly. During a well-being scan, the technician can take a look at the growth of your baby as well as checking on other aspects.

They’ll be able to tell you if there’s anything that could be causing your child to struggle. If they do identify anything at least, you’ve detected it early enough that you can think about making your next move.

This type of scan is done later in the pregnancy, but if you feel like something isn’t right or need to get an extra scan to feel better, it can be done earlier.

Wonderful Pictures

Children grow up quicker than you can blink and that’s why parents take so many pictures of them starting from when they’re in the womb. Baby scan pictures are the perfect way to announce your pregnancy to your family and close friends.

They’re also a wonderful memento to place in your child’s baby book or photo album to look back on together once they’re older. When you look back at these baby scan photos, you’re going to be baffled at how small your child seems compared to how they look once in your arms.

Trust us, one day you’re going to blink and wonder when your tiny baby turned into an adult. And there are going to be times where you wished there were that small again so you could give them an extra cuddle before they outgrew your belly and lap.

Scan Variety

In the hospital, you don’t get to choose the type of scan that you receive. But, depending on where you have the private baby scan performed, you have your choice of a variety of baby scans that you can select to have done.

One service you could have performed is a cervical assessment, or you can have endometrial scans done to test thickness. Again, the scans that you’re able to receive will vary depending on the clinic.

Not all will provide the same scans, but most do offer scans that include the anatomy scan and the gender scan.

Should I Schedule a Private Baby Scan?

There should be no other answer to the question of should you schedule a baby scan than yes. The benefits of having a private baby scan performed are endless. You’re going to be able to bring an unlimited number of people to your scan within reason, and there’s something extraordinary about being able to see your little one on a bigger screen for a more extended period of time.

If you’re looking for a place to have your private scan performed contact Imaginatal. They offer a host of services including early scans, gender scans, and even have a Scanoramic bundle they offer expecting mummies.

What are you waiting for? Take the leap and go see your baby in 4D.

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