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What Precautions Should Working Women Take During Their Pregnancy?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Are you thinking about working during your pregnancy? Pregnant women have it extremely hard, juggling work with many pregnancy ailments. The UK government recommends pregnant women go through risk assessment to make sure their working conditions are healthy for the baby. Here are a few tips for working women to make their pregnancy easy at work!

Working Woman During Pregnancy


As a working woman who’s pregnant, it can be very hard to get through a week with morning sickness. You can take little steps to make your discomfort better. Try your best to avoid triggers like odours, tastes and certain food that make you feel sick. Some recommend drinking ginger ale helps. The Mayo Clinic recommends starting on vitamin B-6 can help tackle nausea. If all else fails, don’t be hesitant to ask your GP to prescribe you some ant-nausea medication!


Working while pregnant is bound to get you worn out by the end of the day. Doctors recommend eating iron and protein-rich meals since iron deficiency is the main culprit of fatigue. Don’t forget to hydrate and take plenty of breaks while accommodating you to stretch your body. Try to not overwork yourself and take some time off to focus on getting the right amount of exercise your body needs in this condition. Lastly, go to bed early and enjoy a good night’s sleep!


Sitting for long hours can take its toll on your body. Using lower back support in the form of a pillow or a cushion can help relieve stress on your back. The strain on your back, neck and shoulders from bad posture can be very uncomfortable. Fluid build-up causes some women to develop carpal tunnel syndrome during their pregnancy. This can make it very difficult to type and do desk jobs. It is recommended to correct hand and arm positions while using a computer. Many suggest elevating your legs and not crossing them to avoid swelling.

Standing for long hours can be daunting for pregnant women. It can reduce blood flow to the fetus slowing down the growth of the baby. You can manage this by trying to sit as much as possible or switching between legs. Wearing comfortable shoes with good arch support goes a long way. If you think that’s not enough, consider using a compression hose.


As the centre of your gravity changes during pregnancy, your balance might suffer making it likely for you to fall. Try to steer as far away as possible from heavy lifting. While picking something up from the floor, remember to not lift with your back but your legs. You must avoid twisting your body at any cost. According to the UK government pregnancy work regulations, you are eligible to request a risk-free job with all the benefits of your previous job from your employer.


A simple but effective way to destress is to manage and divide your time wisely by using to-do lists and prioritizing important tasks. Don’t be reluctant to reach out to friends, family or colleagues for help or to just talk things out. Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to de-stress and find peace within yourself.


It is advised not to travel by car for more than 5-6 hours during your pregnancy. Your body might turn sore, and it might affect your proper blood flow. Travel is safest after the 36-week mark when you rarely experience sickness, when the fetus is not too big, and it is not too uncomfortable for you. Avoid international travel if possible and get vaccinated before you are going to travel. While travelling by air it is best to book a seat with the easiest access to the bathroom since you might have to use it frequently.

It is extremely important to conduct regular check-ups during your pregnancy especially if you are working, head over to your local clinic for a for a free consultation now! Imaginatal is a women’s health clinic that focuses on pregnancy, gynaecology, and fertility. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality service, the clinic values respecting every client irrespective of their identity, needs, wishes, choices and beliefs. In addition to pregnancy blood tests, Imaginatal offers early assurance scans, gender scans, 3D and 4D scans and well-woman services.

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