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4D Scan

3D/4D baby scans between 24 – 30 weeks of your pregnancy.

24-34 weeks 4D Scans

It’s always a special time when you get to see your baby throughout your pregnancy. But often you may feel a little disappointed at the lack of clarity a 2D pregnancy scan can show – with the image being a grey, blurry outline.

Between 24-30 weeks is the optimum time to come in for a 3D/4D pregnancy scan which shows your baby in the skin and flesh. You’ll even be able to make out their little nose and lips!

The cost for our 4D Scan is £117 with the promise of a free rescan if we cannot get clear images on your first appointment.

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What’s included with your 4D Scan

When you attend our clinic for your 4D scan this is what you can expect from us:

Get ready for your 4D Baby Scan

Once you get 24 weeks into your pregnancy, our sonographers will be able to get the clearest and most detailed images of your baby. Your 4D scan will be conducted abdominally.

We like to make sure that during your appointment at Imaginatal you never feel rushed. Your 4D scanning appointment is 20 minutes long. That gives us plenty of time to have a really good look at baby, and if they are in a funny position, a chance for you to have a little walk to encourage them to wiggle a little.

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Covid-19 Clinic Policies 01.09.21

All appointments are going ahead.

Please note that the following policies are in place for the safety of our patients and our staff.

**All adults are required to wear a face mask and complete NHS Track and Trace upon arrival.
**Mum plus five. You may attend the scan with five guests from your bubble.
**If you book an appointment and at any point feel uncomfortable attending, you can rearrange that appointment at any time, free of charge.
**lf you have any Covid symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms please inform clinic to move appointment. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Don’t just take our word for it…

We had a lovely experience today, stopped in for the 4D scan package and the quality of the video and images was amazing! The staff were all lovely and friendly and the whole experience was very relaxing!

– Katie, Bristol

Magical experience and we felt very comfortable and welcomed. The clinic is so clean and new which makes the experience so much more stress-free in a pandemic! We would 100% recommend Imaginatal to all our friends and family.

– Danielle, Bristol

My experience with Imaginatal was outstanding. The staff are all friendly and caring and our visit was comfortable and reassuring. Our appointment wasn’t rushed and the lady was very informative. We received all our photos digitally as well as a printout. We can’t thank them enough!

– Megan, Bristol

Imaginatal is a lovely place, set up beautifully and light. The welcoming atmosphere puts you at ease straight away, and especially if you have children where there are toys set up for them to play with. The experience is really easy, and very interactive with children – we brought our 4 year old girl. Would recommend.

– Nathan, Bristol

What is a 4D scan and why it is important?

A 4D scan is a moving real-time 3D acquisition of an image of your baby. Research has shown that viewing the baby in this manner helped parents and siblings start to form a bond with the unborn baby earlier. 4D pregnancy scan is also very useful in cases where any facial abnormalities are identified, and parents want to visualise the appearances of these defects.

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Why you should choose Imaginatal for your 4D Scan?

Imaginatal has invested well in state-of-the-art imaging technology which uses the most advanced software to create stunning 4D pictures of your baby. We also offer a free rescan guarantee. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I have a 4D scan? 

You can have a 4D scan between 24 and 30 weeks. The earlier side of this period tends to be favourable due to the placenta lying nearer the front which makes for a clearer image. 

How clear are 4D scans?

The equipment at Imaginatal is brand new and of a high specification which means the 4D scans are extremely clear with amazing resolution and detail. The baby’s position will always influence how the final image looks on the screen, but our team will always do their best.

Are 4D scans safe? 

4D scans use the same imaging technique as regular ultrasound scans and have been shown to be completely safe for mother and baby alike. The intensity of the sound waves are the same as those on 2D scans, using echoes to create images. 

What’s the difference between a 3D and 4D Scan? 

The difference between 3D and 4D ultrasound scans are that during 3D scans you see static images of your baby, whereas during 4D scans you are effectively watching a live stream of baby in the womb. 

Do I need a full bladder for a 4D scan? 

You do not need a full bladder for attending scanning appointments from 19 weeks onwards.

How accurate are 4D scans? 

4D scans are very accurate, especially when performed in the 3rd trimester when the baby’s individual features are now present and formed. 

Can 4D scans detect abnormalities? 

Your 4D scan will not detect abnormalities that your baby may have. They are high-definition, detailed motion pictures. Abnormalities are best detected during 2D, routine ultrasound appointments. 

Can I have a 4D scan with anterior placenta? 

When you have an anterior placenta, it will be lying over the baby’s face which makes it difficult to get clear pictures. 

Do 4D scans reveal gender? 

We tend to use 4D scans to focus on your baby’s face during your 4D scan, but we can do a gender reveal during your 4D scanning appointment if you want, but we’ll switch to 2D to do that. 

If I can’t see my baby clearly during my 4D scan, what happens next? 

We offer a free rescan on another day to achieve a 4D viewing of the baby in the cases we can’t get a clear image the first time.

Can I have a 4D scan if I’m pregnant with twins?  

If you’re expecting twins, we would recommend coming for a 4D scanning appointment before 27 weeks, so they have enough wriggle room around the placenta still.

When will I get the results for my 4D scan? 

You will see all the imaging and video from your 4D scan during your appointment. 

Can I have a picture of my baby after a 4D scan? 

You will get 3 standard-sized prints of your images, one large print, 2 keyrings and all the digital images as well as the video of the scan emailed to you after your appointment.

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