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Gender Scan

100% accurate or your money back Gender Scans from 15 weeks 4 days of your pregnancy.

15 weeks 4 days Gender Scan

Getting a Gender Scan to learn whether you are expecting a baby girl or boy can be the most exciting part of your pregnancy and something that many parents-to-be can’t wait to find out!

Our sonographers are all HCPC registered, fully qualified and extremely experienced. Our early Gender Scans provide a wonderful atmosphere with balloons and light changes for you and your nearest and dearest to share the experience.

Our scanning rooms offer a large 50” screen with panoramic views to get those all-important moments with your baby. Sometimes your baby can make it a little tricky to identify the gender with all their wriggling around, and if this is the case we will organise a rescan, completely free of charge.

The cost of a gender scan is just £87

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What’s included with your Gender Scan:

Get ready for your Gender Scan

Once you get 15 weeks and 4 days into your pregnancy, our sonographers will be able to tell the gender of your baby. Your gender scan will be conducted abdominally. For this, we ask you to attend with a full bladder, so we get the best possible image.

How long will it take?

Your gender scan appointment will be 20 minutes long, with the scan lasting between 10-15minutes. We prefer longer appointment times, so you won’t feel rushed and get to maximise your time with your little one. 

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Covid-19 Clinic Policies 01.09.21

All appointments are going ahead.

Please note that the following policies are in place for the safety of our patients and our staff.

**All adults are required to wear a face mask and complete NHS Track and Trace upon arrival.
**Mum plus five. You may attend the scan with five guests from your bubble.
**If you book an appointment and at any point feel uncomfortable attending, you can rearrange that appointment at any time, free of charge.
**lf you have any Covid symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms please inform clinic to move appointment. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Don’t just take our word for it…

We just had our Gender Scan here which was great. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and it was a lovely experience. It was so nice that my son was able to be there with us to find out he was having a baby brother by seeing the lights change to blue in the scan room. Would definitely recommend!

– Rachel, Bristol

I’ve had a few scans with other places but by far this experience topped them all! There is such a calming atmosphere as soon as you arrive and the ladies are always so welcoming and friendly. The scan itself was a lovely experience. Finding out the gender of our baby and having the room light up with the colour was the icing on the cake! To top it off I went home with a beautiful package gifted to me with vouchers, a baby bottle, a gender reveal cannon as well as a free bonding scan!

– T.M, Bristol

A lovely gender scan we have had today…. previously been to the Gloucester clinic which is also brilliant. would highly recommend.

– Emily, Bristol

We have had 2 scans here. Highly recommend. The lady who scans you makes you feel so relaxed and calm, talks you all the way through the scan. There is a lovely young girl on reception to who makes you feel welcome the moment you step through the door. I have recommended friends here and they have loved the experience too. I cant wait for my Gender scan now. Thank you so much.

– Jo, Bristol

What is a private gender scan?

Ultrasound scans have a variety of purposes during pregnancy, but often the most notable use is its ability to reveal the sex of the baby. A gender scan (or a gender reveal scan) is an ultrasound scan that can be carried out from 15 weeks and 4 days with the purpose of revealing the gender of your baby. This is when the baby’s genitals have developed to a point at which your baby’s gender can be correctly identified.

The way that gender scans are performed is similar to any other ultrasound scan. During your scan, a sonographer gently glides an ultrasound probe over your abdomen. This way, the ultrasound machine transmits high-frequency sound waves through your uterus and the sound waves bounce off your baby. These waves are then translated by a computer into an image of your baby and reveal her or his gender.

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How accurate are early gender scans?

We use a proprietary process for gender identification which means the accuracy of our scans is 99.9%. We’ll never guess the gender of your baby but instead, bring you back for a free rescan if we can’t tell with our process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How early can I have a gender scan? 

You can have your gender scan from 15 weeks and 4 days. Before that point it’s not possible to tell the gender of your little one! 

How long will my gender scan last? 

Your gender scan appointment will be 20 minutes long, with the scan lasting between 10-15minutes. We prefer longer appointment times, so you won’t feel rushed and get to maximise your time with your little one. 

What are the chances of my gender scan being wrong? 

There is a 0.1% chance of your gender scan being wrong, and on the extremely rare occasion of it being wrong, we offer a full money back guarantee

Are gender scans safe? 

Yes. The ultrasound works by sending sound waves into your womb that reach the developing baby. These waves don’t harm the little one. Instead, they bounce off the baby’s frame, and ultrasound technology transforms the reverberation into an image you can see on screen. 

When will I get the results for my gender scan? 

Immediately. You’ll find out while your with us the gender of your baby – of course only if you want to know. 

Can I have a picture of my baby after a gender scan? 

Of course! It’s a very special occasion and we think it’s so important for you to be able to remember it for years to come, after all our scans you’ll come away with two prints and we’ll email across the digital files. 

If a gender scan can’t detect the gender of my baby, what happens next?  

If we couldn’t identify the gender if your baby, we will organise a free rescan so you can come again when baby is in a better position! 

I don’t want to know my baby’s gender; can I still have a scan? 

Yes, if you don’t want to know your baby’s gender you can still have scans to see them, we just won’t reveal the gender. 

Can I have a gender scan if I’m pregnant with twins? 

Yes absolutely, you can still have a gender scan if you have twins, but it can be a little more difficult. Usually with twins you will be able to identify the gender from 18-20 weeks if the babies are in a position that allows us to. 

I’m having twins, do I need to pay more for a gender scan? 

There is a surcharge of £20 for twins. This is because the scan will be longer. Your appointment is 40 minutes to reflect this.

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