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Well Woman Scans and Tests

Our pre-pregnancy scans and tests make sure that everything looks good to go, ready to start your healthy pregnancy journey

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Our well woman scans and tests are here to assess a variety of things depending on your need. Our fully qualified sonographers will carry out a scan to assess the size, shape, and condition of your uterus as well as checking on the lining of the womb, your ovaries, and the surrounding areas.  

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These scans are designed to help monitor, or detect conditions such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular bleeding, and polycystic ovaries.

They are also for the purposes of assisting with fertility treatments by examining the shape, size, and condition of your pelvic organs. This provides information to help determine the probability of ovulation occurring.

Price £97

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Common examples for having the Gyneacology scan are for detection or monitoring of:

We also have scans for women undergoing fertility treatment either in the UK or abroad e.g. embryo transfer procedure, IVF etc. The pelvic scan we offer includes:

Fertility pelvic scans are best performed transvaginally to obtain the best image quality and accuracy.

There are also extensive tests we can carry out to help you understand the make up of your genes including:

Genetic testing identifies changes in the DNA. Some changes have no effect on health and development, while others can cause genetic diseases with moderate to severe effect on our health. We will collect a cheek swab sample from you and send the sample will be sent to the laboratory for analysis. Results will be available in 10 working days.

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